Do you ever just have blah days? Or days that seem okay, then suddenly go all blah?

My workout went all blah yesterday.

I hate when that happens. It isn't very often - usually I do really well, and even if I'm dragging getting to the gym, I can rev it up at the gym, but not yesterday. I was just... blah. I've been playing with my program a little, trying to vary it up while Shawn designs a new one for me, but nothing seemed to be working. Even the old steadfasts just weren't feeling it. And cardio... blah. I've been stubbornly ignoring the bikes for, oh, at least a month or better, so I decided I really needed to stop doing that, and committed to at least twenty minutes at a high HR steady state workout on one of the bikes (a good ideas, since my VO2 assessment is done on the bike, and I'm pretty sure Shawn is going to spring another assessment on me one of these days). Not even three minutes in and my left knee started to burn. What the...? I'm confident it isn't the knee joint because I did twenty minutes on the Stairmaster the night before and my knee was fine. But nonetheless, hurt it did. Like, enough that I could only make it another five minutes or so, and that was taking the odd break. Maybe my legs were just still tired from Sunday night. Maybe it was just a blah night.

I'm also not sure about my diet, again. I seem more fatigued than usual lately. I'm sleeping well, and up as early as ever (usually beating my alarm up) but I'm just fatigued. This is usually a sign that my potassium is down. More bananas, I guess. And more spinach with my suppers. Either that or I'm just not eating enough again. When did eating get so complicated? This was much easier on my old "1400" calorie plan. Of course, I think if I tried to subsist on 1400 calories now, I'd fall over. Or, it could just be the really craptastic weather we've had lately. Lack of Vitamin D, maybe? Your thoughts out there in blogger world?

Training session tonight, and a dreaded root canal first thing tomorrow morning. I hate dental work. Oh well, that should be the last for a little while at least. Need some time to let my bank account recover.



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