Good Friday to you!

Indeed, it is Good Friday, which means a super-long weekend for all of us here in Canada (since we celebrate Easter Monday)! I love Easter!

And keeping with the season, I have my own Easter miracle to share. My dear friend Kymmy, who I told you all about yesterday, proved that an indomitable spirit and the collective will of hundreds of friends across the world truly can triumph. Despite a severe head injury and broken neck, and odds quoted at approximately 35%, she is awake and talking!!!! She flew through the surgery, and though she has a long road to recovery, she is on that road now. I am so happy, and thank you to everyone who kept her in your thoughts.

My cold (yes, I'm resigned to admitting I actually have a cold) is stubbornly hanging on, and today has settled in my upper chest with a rather nagging, hacking cough. Hopefully, this means the end is nigh (the cold's end, not mine... though there are times...) The gym is closed for Good Friday (but not Easter Sunday.... oohhhkaaayyy....) so I won't be going in for a workout. I'm going to try to get a run in, and maybe some core work if I can handle it, but with the cold now in my chest, it is compromising my respiratory ability, so, as Shawn has been trying to teach me, I'll have to listen to my body. Stupid body. Why can't it learn to listen to me? I've been telling it to stop being sick for the past four days.

I have a "progress session" with Dr. Mike on Monday, to find out if the chiropractic is actually making any difference to my back. I do notice some difference, and I have to say, he is a miracle worker when it comes to quickly alleviating the minor aches and pains caused by muscle strains, etc. Which I get a lot because of the whole gym thing. Plus, he usually has a few sound pieces of advice for whatever issues I have that week, or just an interesting anecdote or two. I enjoy going to the chiropractor.

And it's Friday, so my three fun facts!

In honour of the fact that Shawn was commenting on the fun cracking noise my knee made as I was doing squats off the bench this week, here are three key elements to improving cartilage formation and knee function: strengthen your quadriceps (the large muscle in the front of your thigh), commit to regular vigorous exercise (that doesn't hurt your joints), and eat foods rich in omega-3s, like fish, berries, flaxseed, and avocado.

As I fight off my cold, researchers are suggesting large doses of vitamin D might help fight off the flu. Studies with children have suggested that taking 1,200 IU of the "sunshine vitamin" might help ward off the nasty bug which makes the rounds each winter (when most of us are getting less vitamin D from the sun, coincidentally).

And, in honour of the season, a bite of chocolate might help your heart. (Yay!) Researchers have suggested that eating one square of dark chocolate each day could lower your risk for high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. But be warned: if you indulge in this high-calorie, high-fat snack without eating fewer calories elsewhere or exercising regularly to burn off the extra intake, you'll negate the chocolate's benefits by packing on extra pounds.

Have a great long weekend, everyone, and enjoy your Easter!


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