Breathing is good....

Shawn has explained this to me before, I'm sure. So I know breathing is good.

Breathing and step class are a very good combination. In fact, I'd say it's almost essential. Actually, probably is essential.

Might explain why step class was so hard tonight.

This cold needs to find a new home. I have never actually considered quitting a class, but I considered it tonight. I actually had to step back for a second once to catch my breath. This is a little aggravating. I don't like not working at my full capacity. I'm just hoping that if I'm only compromised a little while under the weather, I'll be that much better when I'm actually in good health again.

Finally got through my clothing purge. I think everything left in my closet is my size, or close to it. There are a couple of cocktail dresses which might be too big, but I'll either sell those or give them to someone I like. I have A LOT less in the way of clothing, and a lot of clothing which is just transition stuff; that is, clothes to wear so I just have stuff.

I'm going to try a new approach to meals, I think. Right now meal prep is taking a lot out of me. I get home from the gym around 7:30, and then often have to prepare my own supper (because the meal my mother has cooked isn't suitable for my diet, or because it's a "fend for yourself" night), which puts me after 8:00 eating. Then I have to take care of my dogs, and prepare my lunch for the next day, and all my snacks. Then I have to make sure I have clothes and gym gear for the next day. It means even after I get home, it's 9:30-10:00 at night before I actually get a chance to unwind. So, starting this week, I'm going to try to have more things ready to go - i.e., have chicken breasts cooked, vegetables chopped for a salad, fruit diced for snacks, etc. This way, things are much easier, and faster, to put together. Just trying to avoid any potential pitfalls. If you have any other suggestions (keeping in mind that I don't regularly eat commercially prepared food, canned food, "microwave meals," etc.) I'd love to hear them!

Progress report for chiropractor tomorrow!! Yay!


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