No pain, no gain?

First, my apologies for not posting yesterday. I had a dentist appointment to have a few troublesome teeth pulled, so I took a sick day, and decided to use the extra time in the morning to fit in my training session with Shawn, since I was pretty sure I wouldn't be up to it after. Guess what? I was right.

My training session went great. Shawn designed another upper body workout that had a lot of exercises involving the stability ball, which I really like doing. On the upside, I'm getting a little more stable. On the downside, it's not that much more stable. I do seem to be improving on my core strength and my back though - medicine ball twists and even a high plank with knee raises didn't seem to take as much out of me as I was expecting.

The dentist appointment... blech. Okay, credit where credit is due, I think I have a very good dentist. He remembers me between visits (things like the fact that I'm going to law school - perhaps made easier because his wife is a lawyer), he checks in with me often when he's working, and he understands that this is hard for me. And he does his best to make sure I'm not in any undue pain; for instance, I noted last time that the freezing hurt quite a bit, and this time, he seemed to do something differently, because it didn't hurt nearly as much. He also stopped immediately when he realized one of the roots he was trying to remove (a molar that had broken several years earlier) was in fact infected and thus hadn't frozen completely. Ow, by the way. Not fun. Took a fair bit more freezing to get it out. That being said, having teeth pulled is jut not fun, leaves you feeling blechy, and leaves you with a sore mouth. So I went home yesterday and crawled into bed. It meant my diet for the day sucked, as I missed all my snacks and my meals were all spaced far apart, and then all I wanted to do when I finally crawled out of bed was eat, but then I wouldn't have felt like eating for most of the day anyway.

Today is my "day off" from training, and just as well, I think, because I'm still not feeling 100%. I'll go for a walk and do my yoga - we have sunshine for the first time in over a week, and they're talking about temperatures in the double digits (of the Celsius scale, for any American readers). I should go to the gym, given my crappy eating habits yesterday, but I'm trying to break myself of the mindset that exercise is a punishment for eating - especially since I like exercising. This whole thing should go hand-in-hand as a new lifestyle, not as a results-motivated incentive.

Oh, and I pushed myself up to five-minute running intervals on Monday night! I was so proud of myself! Knowing how to run makes a huge difference!

That's that for today. Going to go wallow in my miserableness now.


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