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Monday again, on a real work week, which I'm dutifully delaying starting by updating my blog. It's a good thing I'm pretty much the only one supervising me.

I've decided my "new" schedule will have me taking Wednesdays and Saturdays off from training. I usually have a chiropractic appointment on Wednesdays, which means I end up being very late getting home from the gym, plus I usually train with Shawn on Tuesdays.... so it makes sense to take Wednesday off. I already take Saturday off. Obviously that isn't set in stone, as my schedule can be a little nuts, but for a base routine, it works. When I saw Shawn at the gym last night, he did remind me (in that "I'm smiling while I say this but I am serious" tone) that I'm allowed to take a day off.

I had a good workout last night. Decided to run through Shawn's upper body/chest/triceps program, and I didn't do too badly. I've been struggling to keep pace, and I was late getting to the gym, so I didn't think I'd have time to get through it all before step class. I dropped everything from three sets to two, and didn't get through the second set of chest flies (they're at the end of the workout, and even dropping the weight back, I was just played out), but besides that, I got through all of the exercises and several core/back exercises in about forty-five minutes. I was really impressed with the upright chest press - last time I tried this program, I couldn't get anywhere near the starting weight. I think I had to drop ten or fifteen pounds back. Of course, I was also sick with a cold. Last night I got through the whole drop set (start at 50 lbs for 10 reps, 40 for 12, 30 for 15, then start over) for two reps. I also got a fair bit of my body weight for the first set of triceps body weight dips. Unfortunately, I still suck at pushups. Like, really suck. I got, maybe, five from my toes, and maybe another seven from my knees. And this morning, my wrist is bothering me. This bothers me, because pushups are part of my fitness assessment, and I'm going to keep scoring lousy if I can't get them.

Step was fun, and really challenging. My knee is still giving me some trouble, but I made it though more of the class before it started to bother me. We're also doing newer steps that I've never seen before, which means I'm back to having to remember to breathe, step, think and listen all at the same time - and unfortunately, my brain prioritizes those in reverse order. Good fun! I don't pass out. It's really quite a rush when I do get all the steps and the routine down though. Step is like dancing, and I always wanted to be able to dance. The club has just started offering Zumba regularly as well, and as soon as the craze has died down a bit, I'm planning to start attending that too.

Fun article for you all to read on sugar substitutes, since I've been extolling to lots of people lately on just giving up soda and not going "diet" - I should confess though, my one cup of coffee each day is sweetened with Sugar Twin and not sugar.

Real Age - Sugar Substitutes

And, another "recipe" - I thought I'd share with you all my current salad recipe which is making up my lunch each day. The great thing about this is that if, like me, your week is incredibly busy, most of the veggies you can pre-chop and store in Tupperware containers in your fridge. Then all you have to do each night is mix them together!

This is a BIG salad, and literally, my whole lunch. It keeps me full until my afternoon snack, easily, and my afternoon snack is usually just carrots and celery sticks. It also has two good sources of protein - the chicken and the edamame.

Spinach Celery Salad with Chicken

2-2.5 cups chopped fresh spinach (~20 calories)
1/4 cup diced celery (~8 calories)
1/4 cup diced cucumber (~4 calories - crunchy water yay!)
1/4 cup diced tomato (~10 calories)
1/4 cup diced sweet pepper (~10 calories)
1/4 cup sliced fresh mushrooms (~8 calories)
1/4 diced apple, with peel (~20 calories)
1/4 cup edamame, cooked and chilled (~55 calories)
1 serving chicken breast, diced (~140 calories)

Top with one tablespoon of your choice of low-cal salad dressing - right now I'm favouring Kraft's Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sundried Tomato (30 cals) and mix well. You can also add one tablespoon of low-fat cheese (~45 cals) if you choose.

Total calories (with dressing, not including cheese option): 305

This is very high in potassium, iron, fibre, vitamins, nutrients, plus is a buttload of servings of fruits and veggies. The fibre and the protein will leave you feeling full all afternoon! And it tastes great!

Have a great Monday everyone!


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