Enter at your own risk....

I want to bite someone's head off, I could eat myself out of house and home (of foods I don't eat anyway), stupid things are really irritating me, I am mentally retarded and physically a klutz, and I considered drop-kicking both my scale and my computer this morning. Except that I probably would have broken something trying to do it. And I feel fat and ugly.

Aren't hormones great?

Among the many unfair things women have to deal with when it comes to weight loss that men don't have to deal with (along with having to consume less calories and having less muscle mass) is stupid hormone fluctuations. What game of rock-paper-scissors did we lose to get stuck with this crap anyway? And yes, even the fact that we get stuck with this is pissing me off.


I am trying a new mix of vitamin supplements to see if I can't mitigate some of the symptoms of this, to make myself a little easier to deal with, and I'll speak to my chiropractor on Wednesday to see if he has any other suggestions (he's good with supplements and such). The chiropractic has helped some, but not as much as I thought it would. And in the meantime, I'll try to avoid eating my weight in sweets and bread, and making my co-workers cry. I think I'm going to be in a lot of "phone meetings" for the next two days.

In other news, Shawn gets to deal with me tonight! And we're doing a super hard core/abs workout that I specifically requested! Poor, clueless soul has no idea what he's walking into.... You all might want to pray for him.

Had a chiropractic appointment last night, and a workout. The chiropractic seemed to go well, though I was fighting through the workout. It's the lower body/legs program Shawn has designed, which is freaking hard. Add twenty minutes of cardio on the end and I'm just exhausted. I was even mad at the elliptical machine for...well, being hard. Even though I set the program. Yup, hormones are great. Then managed to slice my finger trying to make supper (I dropped a knife), and spill a full cup of broccoli, and throw some rice all over the counter.... it was a good night.

Now I'm going back to my "phone meetings."

I want chocolate.


River said...

Of course it's not fair! I would say "lets riot" if it would help. But hey may be... we won't know before we try.

baygirl32 said...

I'd say have chocolate.... you need to treat yourself every once in a while, and what better time for a treat.

Relax, big deep breath. We have to deal with it, cause I don't think a man could. Hang in there.

Cassandra said...

I had a chocolate milk after my very hard core workout... that was my treat to me...

Best moment of all this though: Shawn asks "So, how are you feeling tonight?" "Fat, cranky, and hormonal." Brief pause. "That's....gotta be rough."

I love my trainer.

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