My Wish List

Since my birthday is coming up (May 2 - I turn the big 2-7 and I'm trying not to have a meltdown), I thought it might be fun to post my wishlist of things I really, really want to get. Of course, I won't get any of these for my birthday because a) a lot of them are expensive, and those people who buy me gifts aren't buying me expensive gifts; b) most of my family doesn't really do the "birthday" thing; and c) no one I know in "real life" actually knows about this blog (lets me be a little more open with me feelings that way) and they wouldn't think to ask if I want fitness stuff for my birthday.

But, I can still write my wishlist down, right? My plan is that as I reach fitness goals, I'm going to reward myself with one thing from this list!

My List

1. Running/Hydration Belt: Ever since Shawn mentioned this during our 7k run, I have been coveting one. I've been researching and reading and comparing... and I want one so badly. This one, ideally, I think, though I'd be quite happy with this one as well. That one comes in a pink-lilacy colour, which makes me happy. Accomplished!! I have it! It's pink!

2. Heart Rate Monitor: I really don't know why I need one, and should likely ask someone (i.e. Shawn) why people have them before I race out and spend that kind of money (and I likely will), but they look awesome. I mean, it just sort of screams "I'm an athlete," doesn't it? And the type that's just a wristwatch with all the time features would, again, look very cool. Garmin also has one that is kind of lilac-pink coloured. I like pink. It's a happy colour.

3. Nike's Half-Zip Running Top: I know it's getting warmer here, but I love this long-sleeved top from Nike. Paired with a tank, it would just be so awesome for a cooler spring or fall run. And it comes in pink or purple. Or, the Sphere Dry Distance Running Shirt. Because that's a pretty shade of blue.

4. Nike's Base Layer Running Tank Top: Oh, and the guts to wear it in public without a cover would be nice too. I'll get there, I'm sure. But this looks like it would be awesome for summer days. The Livestrong Pacer Sleeveless Running Top would be awesome too.

5. Any pair of good quality fitness capris. Reebok makes any especially nice pair with their Pink Ribbon line, and I love my Reebok pants, so these might be my first reward.

6. Nike Shox. Starting at $120US a pair, I'm not getting them any time soon, but if the hype is to be believed, they're awesome. They also look amazing, and Nike will let you totally custom design them. Bonus points!

7. Anything UnderArmour. Right now, out of my price range for workout gear, but I would love to try one of their HeatGear tops for running.

I know I'm forgetting stuff, so I'm going to leave this here (maybe link to it on the side somewhere) and keep coming back and updating, or providing updates as to what I've managed to achieve. Because that would be fun.


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