Yoga Cat

Are you all appreciating my efforts to include pictures with each post? I'm actually a photographer, but I just don't have many photos that are really relevant to what I talk about. So, you're stuck with Google. Besides, Yoga Cat is awesome.

So, my yoga workout last night worked brilliantly (despite having to deal with the mocking from my family members who refuse to listen to me when I try to explain what yoga is, and that it is not "scratching your ear with your foot". I found this great website at where I could download a free twenty-minute class onto my MP3 player, set my mat by our duck pond, and let the stress of the day go. Then I followed up with a twenty minute walk and just felt much better. The food cravings are even starting to die down a bit. Of course, coming to work today, the stress came back, but I can work out tonight.

I did quickly run my plan for my "day off" by Shawn to make sure it still counted as down time, and he fully endorsed the whole yoga thing (and would have actually recommended it had he thought of it). I had a few other questions as well, regarding my program, and I think he's (correctly) picked up that I'm getting a bit bored with it, and so offered to design a new program for me. Yay!! That makes me excited. I like new things.

Chiropractic appointment last night.... definitely showed signs of the stress I'm under. I've also agree to try a one-month free trial of their "Creating Wellness" website, for which I have an orientation session tonight. Still not sold on this, but I'll give it a try. If it gets to be too stressful or confusing, having too many people tell me things or getting too much conflicting information, I'll back out. The "Creating Wellness" program left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth with it's base assumption that I could never be 100% well without being medication free. While I don't advocate pharmaceuticals as a first-line defense, and think other forms of treatment should always be pursued, my own specific condition (cluster headaches) are extremely poorly understood, and I spent six years exploring other options before finally taking the medication option. I think the fact that I control my chronic condition responsibly speaks more to my wellness than whether or not I'm just medication free. But, I'll try anything.

I also have to advocate oatmeal as a morning snack. No milk, no sugar, just some cinnamon and vanilla. Yum. My coworkers are all commenting on how good it smelled. But it's mine. And it tasted good too.

Happy days!


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