Vodka has 56 calories per shot....

First things first, let me share this with you:

Cranky Fitness

I'm obsessed with reading nutrition and health articles, and this blog was referenced in one of the many I was reading. Oh my goodness, what a riot. If you haven't read it yet, and you're on a diet, I so recommend it. I especially liked "How Not To Make an Ass of Yourself at the Gym." I think that should be handed out with new memberships. Especially the part about cleaning the equipment after you've sweated on it. Because that's just... eww. I don't want to touch your sweat. Even if you're hot (as in appearance, not body temperature), I don't want to touch your sweat.

As my mouth bothered me all day yesterday, I normally take Wednesday off from working out, and it was the gym's anniversary and thus a big-ass party was being held and it would be nuts to try to get a workout in, I stuck with the plan of making yesterday a "rest" day. I didn't get a yoga workout in, because I decided to train my German Pinscher, Xavier, for a bit - and wow, did I ever notice the difference in my own fitness working with him. He's a fair-sized, fast-moving dog, and usually a thirty minute training session would be tiring. I got through the whole session and hardly even noticed I was working (and as I'm writing this, I'm wondering if training the dog counts as training for me - I hope not, because don't have time to train both of us on the same day, so he'll have to be worked on my off days). Handling the dogs was one of my biggest motivators for losing the weight - breeds like German Pinschers should look elegant in the ring, and I couldn't imagine Xavier looking elegant when I looked so awkward. I have to say, even bundled against cooler temperatures last night, I felt much more elegant moving than I have in a long time.

I was debating calling Well Within yesterday and asking if I could move my appointment up by one day, and I really wish I had. Between the stress of the dental appointment, sleeping oddly because I didn't want to lay on that side of my face, and ongoing work stress, my neck and back bothered me most of the day yesterday and are still bothering me. Yay! Stress is great! If there are 56 calories in a shot of vodka, I only need to shave that many off every meal, and 25 out of each of my morning and afternoon snacks, and I could have like, four shots of vodka a day. That might make the work day easier to get through. It might also make my workout a little more challenging. I might need to rethink this. There has to be a way.

My mouth still hurts today. Anyone have any suggestions that don't involve painkillers that will upset my stomach? Or vodka? Not that I'm completely averse to the vodka...

Should actually go start my workday now. Must say, oh readers of mine, you've been quite negligent about commenting lately. I'm feeling unloved (this is presuming anyone is reading and I'm not talking to myself - something else I'm not averse to. And think, that's sans vodka. Some vodka might really liven up this blog.)

Happy Thursday!


baygirl32 said...

56 calories, who would have thought? I'm blaming at least 10 of my extra pounds on vodka! LOL

Cassandra said...

According to my trainer, it's still the most calorie-wise choice of alcohols (we're gearing up for my birthday, can you tell?)

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