Oh my....

See the number on the side there? That's the number of miles I ran yesterday morning. Five. Count 'em. Five whole miles.

Unfortunately, it's also the number of drinks I hefted last night when my brother and a buddy invited me out. Hmmm. So much for any calorie burn yesterday. Three were the low-cal Light Mike's Hard Lemonade, but the two at the bar were the real deal Smirnoff's.

And I've discovered, I don't drink. Or at least, I shouldn't.

Think I'm gonna go for a walk in Victoria Park to undo some of the damage.


Powdered Toast Man said...

I saw your comment on What's the Story Morning Glory. I rearrange letters in road signs too. There are like 8 or so other words you can spell using the letters in STOP.

I figure you ran those 5 miles so you could drink.

Julie said...

Great job on the run! As for the drinking...we all indulge once in a while, that's life! LOL!
Hope you had a great walk!

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