I might have broken my butt...

This weekend was our town's annual celebration weekend, which means three days of events and activities. And, like all good hometown girls, it meant I ran flat out from Friday until Sunday. It's now Tuesday, and I'm still tired.

The two big highlights of the weekend (for me) are the agility show (which we host) and the lob ball tournament. Last year, my eyesight and impending eye surgery knocked me out of the lob ball tournament, so this year, I was itching to get back in. Plus, it's my first year playing in my "new and improved" format.

It was fun. Busy and tiring, but fun. I won MVP for the girls' category in two of our three games - once for two rather spectacular dives while playing in the outfield, and once for a totally awesome catch while playing second. The difference playing this year, actually fit and in shape as opposed to previous years- wow. It was quite a high to sprint across the outfield after a ball. I did take one rather nasty fall, and managed to pull something in my hip - hence, I broke my butt.

No one got any pictures of me playing ball (I don't think anyway) but there was a few of me at the show. It was quite a shock - I don't see in a mirror what the camera sees!

By comparison, this is the last photo I had of myself on the agility course... and not at my heaviest here. This was taken in 2007 - I put on about another 25-30 pounds after this photo. I just started avoiding cameras after this photo. My dog was cleaner though.

Off to go ice my butt! Happy Tuesday everyone!


baygirl32 said...

MVP good job! you look great

RescuingLisa said...

Looking great Cassandra!

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