Was having an incredibly blech day today. Trying to finish a report for work that just won't get finished. Stressed and strained. Plus, have some personal crap I'm trying to deal with on top of it.

Totally not feeling it for my planned 10K tonight.

Went to the chiropractor, and he managed to motivate me into it a little more. Felt better by the time I got to the gym.

Went out, got that one foot in front of the other and smoked it!!! Best time yet! Feeling even better about Sunday!! Had a great post all planned about how my knee hates potholes, and my ass hates me, and how I hate stupid drivers, and how we all hate hills....

Still a little stressed leaving the gym, but felt better. Grabbed a chocolate milk to refuel (and as a bit of a treat) and headed home.

Got home, grabbed my crap out of the car, whirled around to turn off the lights, hit the door with my gym bag, and promptly slammed my finger in the door.

Like, really slammed. As in, had to open the door to get finger out.


Don't think it's broken, but it's hurt. Very hurt. Gonna go back to icing and end this now. Sorry for the short post and missed I Can again. I'll make it up to you.


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