Defining Success

I was going to do a fun, flippant little post for Post-It Note Tuesday, but my mind has decided to be a little more introspective, and since I don't have anyone else to share my musings with... you're stuck with me.

My gym has put up these new posters to promote personal training. Each one has a bunch of pictures of people who are "success stories" for their respective trainers, and thus, for the club as a whole. Last week, while we were heading to the training studio, Shawn pointed it out. "My next goal is to get you on that poster," he said, demonstrating my prospective modeling pose.

I laughed at him. "Right," I scoffed. "And will the pigs be flying in front of me or behind me?"

Thankfully, Shawn appreciates my humour.

I've been thinking about the exchange ever since though, for a few reasons. Another friend recently sent me a link to a magazine. They were looking for weight-loss success stories. I browsed through the ones they had; I have lost more weight than many of those women. But, was I really a success story?

Am I?

I still look in a mirror and see the five or ten pounds I'd like to lose. I set myself, as a reward, the idea that when I hit my goal, I would get a tattoo. Then, I decided I needed to stop focusing on the scale, and focus on my accomplishments. Now, I'm not sure what that goal is.

I don't know how to decide I'm a success.

Shawn sees me as a "success story." There are others around me who see me as a success story.

How do they define success?

On Saturday, I ran ten kilometres. I will likely run it again tomorrow. And Sunday.

Does that make me a success?

I've gone from a diet that was 60-80% processed food (even if it was low-cal) to one almost entirely "clean" and focused on high-quality whole-foods.

Does that make me a success?

I started out on this weight loss journey in a size 18; I now have clothes as small as a size 6 (though I say I'm a size 8 most places).

Does that make me a success?

Am I in a place where I can (and should) be calling myself a success? Or am I, like my blog, still a work in progress?

How do you define success?


Dr. Fat To Fit said...

I wanted to drop over and say thank you for the idea about trying yoga when I'm not up to a full on workout. What a great idea. I've never thought about yoga seriously, I guess I always saw it as a thin person thing to do. But, so was running and push ups and all that other stuff. I just might try it. Thanks!

I think there are many kinds of success and the definition changes for me depending on where I'm at. As far as weight goes, success is consistency. Keep doing it. Day after day. But my most important ideas have nothing to do with my weight at all. They are about being a good mom, good wife, good person, good friend, good doctor. Feeling good about yourself inside and out. That's a success. I think you are the only one who can answer this question for you. Great post!

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