Finding focus

I decided to try some sprints tonight. These are pretty straightforward. You set the treadmill for something, oh, fast, and run for about two minutes. Shawn's done them with me before.

I like them. They're a challenge, but still running.

They take focus. And yet, there isn't time to focus on anything but running.

They require me to concentrate on not thinking. Not thinking about all the people who think me running is a bad idea. Not thinking about the lady in the locker room who thought it was a bad idea for my first race to be a 10K. Not thinking about my friend who has decided to start badmouthing me behind my back, or the other ones who have been incredibly unsupportive. Not thinking about the fact that I'm reaching the end of my sessions with Shawn, and I don't feel ready for that.

All I can think about is running. Just finding a way to put one foot in front of the other efficiently. If I let everything else in, I start short-striding, or I stumble, or I don't hold a straight line, or whatever. And I have to go back to not thinking.

Sometimes, I think I need to find a way to sprint through life. Just find that focus.


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