I'm in... are you?

One of my biggest worries in leaving Shawn's tutelage has been that my motivation will falter without the impending fear of another assessment looming over me (I'm realizing now we never did the last assessment he wanted to do... either he forgot or took pity on me and "forgot").

So, to combat that, I'm joining Drazil's Go-Chica-Go Challenge! Could be a real challenge for me, since I start law school in the middle of this, bt it'll be good motivation to keep my butt moving even during orientation and all that (and I'm just remembering I forgot to put my registration for orientation in the mail again). Anyhow, you should all check it out. I am seriously competitive, and am training for the 10K (and planning a second already) so I'm very optimistic. Unless, of course, some marathoner signs up.

I forgot (I think) to mention that one of Shawn's parting gifts to me was a strong recommendation that I see a doctor about my left shoulder. It makes bad noises. It hurts sometimes. It makes really bad noises when I work out. I hate doctors. Oh my goodness, I hate doctors. I should really have a basic blood panel done too, since the last time I had one done, I was nearly 100 pounds heavier.

I have to say, I am intrigued by all these bloggers who get to try things for free and write reviews. I can review crap, I mean, stuff. So, you know... Garmin? Polar? I'd be happy to try out a heart rate monitor and let people know what I think. Adidas? Reebok? UnderArmour? Got some apparel you need an opinion on? Sony? You should know I have a tremendous capacity for killing MP3 players though (my Walkman MP3 is currently sounding death knells). I'm going to be an unemployed student soon, I figure I'd best start peddling now.

Going to post my affirmation and I Can later. Have gotten nothing accomplished at work. Go me.


Julie said...

I know!!! I'd be so happy to get free "stuff" and write reviews like the popular kids!! lmao!!!
Good luck with school!

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