Show & Tell!

Or, how I make up for not posting yesterday... by posting pictures of what I was doing instead!!
Agility show @ the Musquodoboit Ex!

This is actually my "up-and-coming" dog, Player. Every time I run with this dog, I'm reminded that I don't do nearly enough sprint work. Do you see how far ahead of me he is?

With my "veteran" Austin and our "celebrity run" victim, the Musquodoboit Ex organizer! For some reason, no one got any shots of the two of us running together.

This show is one of my favourites, not only because it's one of our biggest, and because the organizers are so great to work with, but because it has our one and only "horse-dog relay" of the year, where our dogs pair with a horse for a relay timed event - the horses do their own course, and we do a course, and the two times are added together. It's also the only "official" competitive event we do!

Player isn't good enough to complete in the horse-dog relay yet, but Austin & I have been in the two previous years we've put this on, and placed second in both of our previous attempts.

Austin on the dog relay course - I'm course designer, so this whole course was actually my idea! It was hard!

My horse teammate - he is going VERY fast!

Combined time of 41.98 seconds!
Two seconds faster than the second place team!!
(I also think I look awesome in this photo even if half my hair fell out of its ponytail)

The best thing about the Ex is all the good looking cowboys wandering around.... but winning was a nice bonus too!

Great way to spend a weekend! I did have to postpone my 10K training run this morning - just didn't think my legs were up to it - and probably ate some crap I shouldn't have, but it was still fantastic.


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