Talking to myself

So, as my contribution to PINT might have suggested, I'm having some... dilemmas on the personal front lately.

I think the journey to being well is more than just exercising and eating right, and that's part of the reason I share all this here. Part of being well is being able to have healthy relationships and a network of supportive people around you to help you when times get stressful.

This past week has been a blow to that. I'm discovering that people I thought were friends are perhaps not the friends I believed them to be. What's worse, my reaction was not what I wanted it to be (i.e. my rather inglorious tumble from my path Saturday night). That's been harder still on me. I fight this constant battle against a need for perfectionism... and that was a pretty big stumble. My brain wants to keep beating me up for it.

And now there's no one really to talk to about it... or at least it feels like there isn't.

On top of it, it's weighing on my mind that I have only two sessions left with Shawn. Shawn plays a professional role in this quest for wellness, but more than that, he has become a very important, absolutely necessary source of support. At a time when I'm losing that support, I now feel like I'm losing any other support I might have had.

Sometimes I just need a reminder that I am a strong person, I am a good person - and I can keep going on this course without changing who I am.

Hopefully I'll be able to hear as I keep reminding myself.


Julie said...

You are strong and you are a good person!! You wouldn't care about sharing your experience on a blog if you didn't care enough to help others!

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