Brrr & You are what you eat...

Ice has become my new best friend.

Really. I get excited when I find new types of ice packs. I look up ways other people improvise icepacks (I can't do the frozen food thing). I read about different methods of icing. If I ever develop a surefire method of icing ankles, I'll be rich.

It's kind of sad, actually.

Right now I have an icepack on my left shoulder, which I managed to injure somehow. We aren't sure how. Shawn and I were mid-session when he tried to have me do an exercise and my shoulder just kind of went... ummm, no. After a lot of poking and prodding and making my shoulder make some very bad noises, he decided it probably wasn't really serious, but was likely a muscle strain or tear. Which means ice. Then heat. Then more ice. And some rehabilitative exercises in the meantime.

I'm also trying to think more critically about nutrition and eating to fuel my workouts - more specifically, my runs. I'm planning a five mile run tomorrow morning, and though part of me wanted to come home tonight and have a salad, a bigger part of me knew I needed a good store of carbs and proteins tonight to get me through that run tomorrow. So I threw in that chicken and barley, and made sure my post-workout snack was enough to adequately refuel after tonight's session with Shawn and my 50-minute elliptical workout after. Was likely a few more calories than I might have eaten if I was thinking about weight loss, but I need to stop thinking about weight loss.

This is where I want to reorient my thinking. Instead of worrying about calories, I just want to concentrate on eating high-quality food, eating when I'm hungry, and not eating when I'm not hungry. Instead of skimping on supper because I gave into the emotional urge to eat that cookie, I'm going to resist the emotional urges to eat, and concentrate on eating for fuel.

Five mile run tomorrow. When I mentioned that others were really negative on my decision to run the 10K, Shawn acted like it was the stupidest thing he'd ever heard - like it was completely natural for me to be running a 10K "for time." That makes me feel better. I know that's stupid, but it does. Sometimes you need to know you're not the only person who believes in yourself.


Anyone who might be with me, I hope your affirmations and I Cans are going well. Next week I'm going to be doing something big for Operation Beautiful!


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