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There are a lot of suicidal squirrels in Sheet Harbour.

Correction: there were a lot of suicidal squirrels in Sheet Harbour. There are less now.

Last night was a bad night on the wellness journey. I don't like eating before my meetings, because though I seem the picture of cool composition, I really dislike presenting and don't want to be trying to do it on a full stomach. As a result, my eating schedules get all screwed up. On nights like last night, where I have a sizeable drive before I get home, things get really wonky. I ended up eating a buttload of fruit to "tide me over," got lost a couple of times getting home, and then was so tired when I inally got home I just gave up and made a bowl of oatmeal and an English muffin with peanut butter. And had more fruit. Not the best choice for dinner. I mean, it wasn't a bag of potato chips and a chocolate bar, but still a lot of sugar, and not much protein. Then I was so tired and rushed this morning, I didn't have time to make my lunch as usual, so I'm at the mercy of whatever I can find at the grocery store. I am going to pick up a sandwich or something to take with me tonight and eat after my meeting, since I have another long drive home.

I have to keep reminding myself that one bad day did not create the person I was two years ago. It was days that became weeks that became months that became years of bad days. It was a girl who would not have dreamed of running four miles (let alone been able to do it), and who had no concept of calorie counts. It was not one day. And one day will not make me that girl again, so long as I recognize that it was a bad day and take it in hand. Which is what I'm doing. Which is why I will try to find a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread and some vegetable sticks to have with me for my dinner tonight.

I've been really tired lately too, but I think that's just the extra running. Part of me is wondering if I shouldn't just take all the overtime I have left and at the end of these meetings take a couple of days off - just take them off, period. Have some time to recharge. But then, I had a four-day weekend, I still didn't feel recharged. Blah. Twelve-hour days are hard on a person.

Anyhow, have to actually get to work (and find the banana I packed for my snack this morning). Happy Hump Day everyone - Friday's getting closer!


baygirl32 said...

so the squirrels... how did they.. you know, end it? I would love for them to pass some hints on to the squirrels in my yard

Cassandra said...

They ran out in front of my car. One ran across in front of me, made it well past the yellow line, then dashed back just as I reached him.

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