I made a list!!

And I need to check the blog's email more often!!!

I got an email from Nursingschools.net this morning (well, not this morning, but that's when I read it) informing me my blog had been included in their recent article "100 Empowering Blog Posts for Your Weight Loss Battle".

Specifically, they've chosen to highlight my recent post about buying a bikini, which you can read here (though I'm sorry to say my friends are all stick-in-the-muds and so I haven't had the chance to wear it to the beach yet - though sunbathing in my yard in it is nice) as a success story!

This is a nice bright spot to my week! And it's a great article - you should all go check it out!

The site I use to host my Affirmations and I Cans is down right now... hmm. Hopefully they aren't all gone for good. I'll have to post later though when I figure out what's going on.


Julie said...

Way to go!!!! What a great accomplishment and something to be so very proud of!

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