That's kind of how I'm feeling this morning.

Have you ever wondered if someone was conspiring against you, even a little bit?

I committed to getting healthy. I committed to being active. I've even discovered that, you know what? I rather enjoy it. I like getting out and running or working out or playing a sport.

So why can't my body just keep up with me?

All I did was go for a walk. Okay, technically I got lost in Victoria Park for forty-five minutes or so on one of the trails. And no, it wasn't the easiest trail I've ever been on. And yes, my legs were already tired from Friday's run and ladder drills. But still. It was a walk. That's it.

I managed to strain a muscle in my calf. It's been causing me a fair bit of discomfort ever since. Definitely no running on it for most, if not all, of this week; I know that without even having told Shawn yet. And my knees are still bothering me.

&%$@#%&*%$!! (Those are all those words that aren't appropriate to say in public).

I just want my body to catch up my mind in terms of what I can do versus what I want to do.

I also want it to stop conspiring against me by randomly deciding it's famished all the time, all of a sudden. Very hard to lose weight that way. I'm sitting at 160 now... it would be really nice to eventually see a number that falls under that.

Some days this journey is harder than others. Some days, it's a lot more frustrating.

I got some great pictures on Saturday though, both at the VP Challenge and after. This is actually "the" Shawn himself playing football with a couple of the guys from the club. Can't you just feel the intensity? (Oh, he was overjoyed with the fact that I was taking pictures). I love sports photography, and this was a great chance for that. Hard to believe the next race I attend, I'll be a potential subject rather than a photographer.

Have a great Monday everyone! Let's try to get through it together!


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