Hit the ground running...

Had a terrible, terrible run last night. I really did. There was some sort of glitch at the gym that caused them to have to shut down the air conditioning and half the lights and it was HOT. Like, stiflingly warm. I've run in the heat and humidity before (the last time Shawn and I did a run to Victoria Park it was like, 28 deg C with the humidity adding an extra eight degrees or so to that) but this was brutal. I was doing jog/sprint splits - jog at 6.0 mph for 3 minutes, sprint at 7.5 mph for one - and after each set I actually had to stop and take a breather. Yuck. Tomorrow I'm going to try just a steady run at a slightly faster pace - trying for 6.2 mph, which means I'd cover 3.1 miles, or 5 km in 30 minutes. Hopefully it goes better.

These are my awesome new New Balance running sneakers. Okay, they're taking some getting used to, because they do force my foot to land properly, and because they feel... well, a bit awkward on my foot. But, my legs are not bothering me nearly as much as they were, my knees aren't aching nearly as much as they were, and all in all, it's just a lot easier to actually run.

I got these at the same time - new sandals! They cost more than I'd usually pay for sandals, but I've been wearing these flimsy dress sandals as all-time-time wear, and they have absolutely no arch support or anything. I decided that since I'm going to abuse my feet three out of seven days, I'm going to make sure I'm supporting them when I'm not running. I had to switch back to dress sandals today for work, and man, could I tell the difference. Have I mentioned I love all things UnderArmour? I have an UnderArmour racerback I adore too. I really, really, want to try a pair of their running tights, but I'm rather broke.

I was in a picture taking mood today, can you tell?

Shawn had recommended I consider both glucosamine and a multivitamin if I'm going to continue to train at this level. Admittedly, I've been considering glucosamine. My joints sound like a bowl of Kellogg's Rice Krispies. I talked to Dr. Mike at Well Within about it and he agreed it was a good idea, so I picked up a bottle. The multivitamins have always been something I've been not-so-sure about - largely because I find it so confusing trying to find a good one - but the sheer amount of food cravings I have despite having a relatively solid diet tends to make me think I might be deficient. And, as Shawn pointed out, someone who works out as intensely as I do will use more nutrients and minerals than the average person.

Today was a "rest" day, which means I'd usually do yoga - instead I ended up practicing my softball skills with my brother. Hmm. Not sure that's really a rest. Oh well. Had a rather stressful day at work as well, and it was a nice way to unwind.

Happy Hump Day everyone! We're getting closer to Friday!

Edit: I almost forgot!!


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