Looking for simple answers

Whenever I'm having a hard day at work, or in life in general, I pull out Dr. Seuss. Sad, but true. I like Dr. Seuss. He didn't necessarily conform to what people thought was "normal" or "right." He didn't make himself fit inside a box. He made the world fit him. And now we all look to hm as an inspiration for it. My office is filled with Dr. Seuss quotes. And I don't care what people think of me because of it.

This is a tough week; it's been a series of tough weeks. And I keep asking myself what is making it so tough? Why am I so tired? Why does everything seem so hard? I feel like I've plateau'd on e weight loss thing again, my running has been faltering (I had a horrid run attempt on Friday, and only moderately better yesterday), I am tired, it seems like the healthy diet I normally maintain with no effort is harder and harder... why? What is wrong with me?

Nothing. That's the simple answer. Nothing is wrong with me.

Shawn and I were talking last night about roles and our place in society and not always meeting people's expectations, and kind of out of nowhere I said "I'm okay with not fitting into the box society has defined for me, because ultimately, when I look at the person I am, I'm more or less happy with that person.... and when was trying to be the person society expected me to be, I never was happy."

I wonder if lately I've been trying a little too hard to be the person society wants again; my "meetings" and sessions are like a giant play, where I have a role I'm expected to fulfill, and it's a drain on my resources.

Maybe it's time to remember what it means to just be me, and be happy with who that person is...


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