Bad me again...

I've been all neglectful about my blog again... sad. Does it help that the weather has just been too nice to be indoors working on my computer? I need to fix my laptop so I can work on my tan and my blog simultaneously.

This week has been... eventful. I'm starting to get correspondence from the law school. Wow. One, I think I might be too old for orientation. They have six days of events planned. Each is capped off with an evening event that invariably involves drinking. Six days of drinking. I drink approximately once every four months. And by once, I don't mean starting on Tuesday and ending on Sunday. And when did parties start at 11:30 pm? I go to bed at 11:30 pm! *sigh* When did I get old? But it's exciting too. I loved being a student, and I know I will again. And now I'm heading into it with a new perspective than the one I had five years ago - I'm still committed to doing my best, but not with the same, all-encompassing need to be *the best* that I once had.

I'm glad to say my new car is working very well, touch wood, as I embark on my meetings yet again. I like driving a little, compact car again. It's comfortable. I drove a Neon for five years before getting my Malibu, and it was an awesome little car. It was nice to fill my car for $36 and not $56. My meetings are the same crap as always - I'm not expecting a great turnout anywhere this week.

I had a session with Shawn this morning - again, another tough session, though in retrospect, not quite as hard as we have done recently. Probably because it was a lot of upper body, and I tend to be strong in upper body work. It was a lot of fussy, work-on-form stuff. Right now, I am so close to the 150s, I can taste it, but I'm gaining and losing the same pound over and over. I know it'll come of, but I'm getting a bit antsy. I just want to see that number drop. It gets harder and harder the closer I get to my goal weight, I know. I may have to really buckle down on the whole diet thing for a few weeks to finally get there.

I'm also really happy today because I'm finally going to be able to help Shawn out the way he's helped me. He's been trying to do some promotional work to attract clients (summer is a hard time for anyone in fitness) and frankly, his advertising photo leaves something to be desired. So, he's agreed to let me do a new one for him! I'm very excited! One, I love doing new portraits, and two, I do really wants to see him succeed. He's a great trainer. He seems really excited about it too. Unfortunately, the only time our schedules mesh is Thursday at noon, and I hate shooting at noon, but I'll make do.

More meetings tonight and tomorrow, and then a ton of office work to get done. Yay. I will be so glad when all these meetings are done. I'm tired of my schedule being screwed up.

Happy Tuesday everyone! One more day till hump day!


baygirl32 said...

Happy Tuesday!

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