The sun'll come out....

Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow,
There'll be sun....

One of my favourite songs ever. I sometimes sing it to myself just because I can. It's a bright, happy, hopeful song, and sometime we need bright, happy, hopeful songs in our lives.

It's a little sunnier in my world today. I have to catch myself from letting everything cloud over, but for the most part, I'm feeling better.

My workout with Shawn went really well last night. I love being able to work in the training studio - it just ends up being so much more relaxed. Then I went for an easy two mile run - the first time I've done a solid two miles since my "bad" week. It sounds stupid, but I am so mental when it comes to running. I keep psyching myself out long before I'm actually ready to physically call it quits, and so I'm really not pushing myself,and I think I'm feeling like I'm more fatigued than I actually am. I have another long run scheduled this week, and my goal is to make it for at least 4.5 miles at my current 6.0 mph pace. If I'm not dead, I'm going to push to get the extra 1/2 mile and try for a full 5 miles. I'd like to have a couple of tries doing 6-6.5 miles before the 10k race (10k is 6.2 miles, for those of you who are as challenged at distances as I am).

Shawn has also suggested I look into taking a multivitamin, since training at the intensity I do would cause your body to use a lot more vitamins than just a normal person, and also look into glucosamine. Lately, I've been sounding like a bowl of Rice Krispies - snap, crackle pop - every time I move a joint. I'm also becoming very good friends with my ice packs. Yes, I used that as a plural. Isn't that awesome? Dr. Mike is on vacation this week, but I have an appointment next Monday, so I think I'll ask him about both. He seems very big on multivitamins, and I know I've seen glucosamine in their office. Maybe it is a simple vitamin deficiency causing my recent slump? I know I seem to be fighting to keep my potassium up.

Oh, and I've discovered I really, really like sweet potatoes. Yum. I must make these more often. I also like putting grapefruit in my salad. If you've never tried it, try it.

Oh, and I got my dress for the Law School Charity Ball! And it was on sale!!

We're already at Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen. Friday is on its way! Rejoice!


Hi!(: said...

is this blog supposed to be about food or something
or possibly health?

Cassandra said...

It's about my attempts to achieve "wellness" and touches on a little bit of everything! Thanks for stopping by!

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