Only Parent Chronicles

It's been so long since I could do a PINT....

That's that for today!!


That One Mom said...

I'm debating going back to school in the spring. I don't know how i feel about having homework again!

Anonymous said...

You should check for recipes with apples! Or send some over here. I swear, my son is part goat with all the apples he eats. ;-)

Stopping by from PINT! Hope your torts change from the annoying kind to the sweet kind soon!

adrienzgirl said...

We did apple recipes on Share a Spoon last week. Lots of fun recipes last Thursday. Check them out!

I am certain I couldn't handle homework again. I need to go back to school though. Good for you!

baygirl32 said...

homework sucks! but it will get better. Last september I was overwhelmed to be back in school after so many years, this september I'm closer to the end.

as for the apples you can send them my way

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