Mirror, Mirror...

When I was in high school, the highlight of the senior year was always the Senior Fashion Show. It was a huge fundraiser, and everyone waited in anticipation. Girls clamoured to be chosen as models.

I was the stage director. I designed the sets, organized everything, kept things running backstage, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I liked my job. But it was pretty well accepted that I was asked to be stage director because as a size sixteen, there was no way I was going to be a model. I would never look right among all those size fours.

My sister is organizing a bridal showcase, the centrepiece of which is yet another fashion show. I've been offering advice on set design, choreography, finales, etc. Then she dropped the bomb on me.

Would I model a wedding gown for their bridal boutique that was hosting the show?

There is a big part of me that wishes I had my current body back when I was sixteen. Back when I would wear outrageously short skirts and get away with it. Back when I missed all those opportunities. So, with all my trepidations shoved firmly aside, I agreed, and today, trotted off to the boutique for a fitting.

I learned a few things:
1) Me, in a wedding gown, with a veil, will almost make me cry. I look very grown-up. Too grown-up, really.
2) When you leave your insecurities in the car, you can have a lot of fun playing dress-up.
3) Sometimes to see the beautiful woman hiding inside, you need only to look in a different mirror.

That's what happened tonight. I put on a stunning designer dress that the ladies had been dying to put on a model, but hadn't yet had anyone tall enough, walked out, let Geri put a veil on, and turned to look at myself....

...and for once, I didn't see that overweight version of myself staring back. I just saw a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress.

I think I'd like to get married just to have a whole day where I can wear that dress...


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