Quick update....

I am knee deep in law school orientation this week. I feel old, and out of touch, and can't remember why I thought I could do this. I am only hoping it will get better, and oh my God how I wish I could go for a run. But I can't.

My knee is feeling a little better, but I've decided myself to lay off running for another couple of weeks to really give myself time to heal. I might go nuts in the meantime, but at least I won't be physically broken as well as mentally.

(BTW, I'm sitting here typing while simultaneously gawking around the Dal library and am marvelling at how much my typing has improved since the last time I was a university student. I guess all that time spent as a receptionist paid off.)

We're going surfing today, and I need to buy books, so I must sign off. Cheers all!


River said...

You feel old?? Stop making me laugh :D I miss school already. I wish I had the money to go back. Not yet though. I'm hoping to apply for my masters next year.
You're gonna do great cos you're doing great. The excitement must be amazing. Is your heart racing? Fab!

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