Step on a crack...

...break your mother's back.

Children's rhymes are really morbid. And only tangentially relevant, since I just thought it would be a nice way to segue into saying that after doing some more research into chiropractic care, I decided to make an appointment with Well Within Chiropractic from last week's health fair. I actually got this promotional thing where I can get a wellness assessment and chiropractic assessment for $47, when it would normally be like, $250. So, yeah. Sounded good to me. The whole thing sounds rather interesting. Chiropractic that is. I'm less intrigued by the wellness assessment. That's the same stuff I've known for years. But I've had ongoing problems with my back, neck, and shoulders since a car accident in 2007, and I'm curious to see what "Dr. Mike" thinks can be done.

So, we wait for the appointment and see what happens...


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