The Path to Wellness

I have a new title for my blog and a new destination for my journey: The Path to Wellness.

My quest for proactiveness with regards to my health has been stalled a bit by the realization that I have no freaking clue *how* to be more proactive about my health. That, and I know a lot of it takes money. Well, the latter was resolved by my getting a job this week (finally) after several months of unemployment. Yay! I'm a "Health Awareness Facilitator." How's that for irony?

My quest, and my job, took me to the Well Within Health Expo, this HUGE health fair being hosted by a local chiropractic clinic. Honestly, I had *no idea* health was this popular. Apparently a lot of people made the same resolution I did.

It's also where I was introduced to the concept of "wellness" rather than health, a concept which I admit I rather like. It blurs that dichotomy of "sick" and "healthy" that I spoke about last time. So yes, my goal now is to be "well."

It was amazing. I can't believe how much I learned. Some of the exhibitors I already knew of, or had no real interest in learning about, but for most of them, it was very educational, and a great chacne to see what's available. For me, it was also a great introduction to some of the people behind these places. I tend to be painfully shy, and so taking the first step to reach out to a business knowing nothing about it scares the living daylights out of me (my deep-seated fear of all things medical does that as well, but I digress). Dr. Mike at Well Within Chiropractic was so personable and knowledgeable that even for someone like me, who is instinctively on edge around medical professionals, it was hard not to seriously consider making an appointment just to have a chance to chat with him a little longer about some nagging issues with my back and neck. Likewise with Dr. Daya from Victoria Court Dental, who spent a very long time talking about the possibility of my cluster headaches (which I've had since I was 19) being linked to "temparomandibular joint disorder" (which I know I've misspelled). Needless to say I got cards from both. I also got a free five-day pass to Nubodys Fitness, which is great, since I've wanted to try it out.

I was actually hosting a booth at the fair as well, and spent most of the day educating people on diabetes and nutrition. Enjoyed myself thoroughly. Would have enjoyed myself more had I won one of the awesome door prizes, but oh well.


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