I did it....

I bought a bikini...

Really... bra-top and boy-short bottoms, and nothing in between connecting them.

Not sure how I'll ever have the guts to wear it in public, but I bought it. I tried it on, I looked in the mirror and said "Okay, I don't look perfect... but it's a bathing suit. I'm not gonna look perfect. And I look okay. And I need to shave my legs a hell of a lot better than I currently do."

So I bought it.

Now, to just get to a point where I'm actually wearing it. You know, without the cover.

I'm surprised I actually bought it. I was not having a good day yesterday. I felt fat. I was cranky. I was irritable (okay, I was PMSing all over the place). I tried to go put in a workout and either I didn't drink enough water, didn't eat enough, or didn't account for the heat, because I ended up calling it quits very early in - got a little light-headed and nauseous. Not good, really. And then I decide to go bathing suit shopping? Definitely the heat getting to me.

I have to get a long run in this week at some point - I skipped out last week, so I'm a week behind on long runs. I'm supposed to be pushing up to about 4.4 miles right now, and I have to be able to do 6.2 miles by the end of August. My knees are still a bit achy, and I know Shawn has one of those kick-my-butt plyometrics workouts planned for this afternoon, so it won't be today - maybe first thing Sunday morning.

Going to do some more scouting for fun facts and post them tonight!

Happy Friday everyone!


baygirl32 said...

Happy Friday!
Congrats on the bikini... wear it an be proud

Julie said...

Wear that bikini girl!! Good for you!!!

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